how to start a blog and get followers: 9 Easy Steps

If your goal is to learn how to start a blog and get followers, then I highly encourage you to keep reading πŸ˜‰!

If you’ve ever dreamed of broadcasting your opinions, concepts, and savvy to a global audience, launching a blog is the ideal choice. Not only does it allow you to voice your thoughts and opinions, but also allows you to link up with people who share similar passions. In this piece, I will assist you with the steps of creating a blog and garnering followers. Let’s plunge right into it!  

Finding Your Niche – It Ain’t That Hard!

How To Start A Blog And Get Followers

First things first. What’s your blog going to be about? If you can’t find an answer to that, it’s like trying to build a house without foundations. You need a niche. Something you’re passionate about. Love making money with affiliate programs? Interested in extinct animal species in Madagascar? Got a thing for old telegraph poles? Anything! As long as you’ve got a passion for it, it’s a great niche topic. (if your goal is to make money, refer to this blog post).

Regardless of your choice, you should definitely do some research. The days of blogging as a hobby have long since become a thing of the past. I always say if you’re going to do it, you should enjoy it but also make money alongside it!

Choosing Your Blogging Platform and Name – Oh So Crucial!

how to start a blog and get followers

So you want to know how to start a blog and get followers. Great, but on which platform?

Well, we suggest WordPress; it’s easy-peasy!

Well, maybe not that easy, but its definitely easier than coding a website from scratch!

It’s the software equivalent of your favorite comfort food: reliable, comforting, and easy to dig into. All you need to do is click and create a blog.

Now, what on earth are you going to call it? Choosing a blog name needs some creativity. You can’t name it “Dancing Banana” unless you’re a banana who loves dancing!

Make it relevant and easy to remember. 

Additionally, you also don’t want your name to be “so specific” that pigeon-hole yourself to such a small niche you can’t escape from.

What I mean is if you chose a name like “the email marketing guy” but then discover you absolutely hate that topic, you’re stuck tearing that site down and creating a new one.

A better solution is to create something that isn’t TOO NARROW so you still have the freedom to explore your new blog.

Worst comes to worst, you delete a few posts that serve no purpose to your site as opposed to tearing the whole thing down, I DIGRESS!

how to start a blog and get followers? Get Your Blog Online!

The next step to knowing how to start a blog and get followers is getting your site online! Once the foundation of your new blog is as sturdy as Thor’s hammer, it’s time to get your blog visible on this thing called the internet (Al Gore takes all the credit).

Think of the URL as the GPS coordinates to your blog. The URL is your domain, which acts as an address link to your blog. In order to accomplish this, you need to get web hosting.

The one I recommend is WPX WordPress hosting. They’re fast, reliable, and if you EVER HAVE ANY ISSUES, they have 24/7 support around the clock.

I’ve had hosting providers that were slightly faster (we won’t name them), however, the support WAS TERRIBLE.

Sure, I had a lightning-fast blog, but I also ran into issues (almost every single day), and I also had to wait DAYS to receive any semblance of a response. NO THANK YOU!

2. Create Engaging Blog Posts

Now that you’ve created your website, the next step in knowing how to start a blog and get followers is to generate content that actually excites your audience (you don’t want to bore them to death).

Make sure your blog posts are as fun as a barrel of monkeys, as intriguing as a detective novel, and as enlightening as a Nobel laureate’s lecture.  There’s no need to shy away from expressing your personhood in your writings – it’s that very attribute that gives your blog its distinctive and personal appeal. 

3. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

What good is a website if nobody is there to actually read it?

To generate traffic to your blog, you need to promote it. There are a couple of different ways you can do this which include using SEO, social media, or paid ads (I don’t recommend this starting out).

Leverage the power of platforms like Pinterest and YouTube (more for creating trust) to share your blog posts and drive traffic back to your website. Additionally, reach out to other bloggers in your niche and offer to write guest posts for their blogs (another underrated tactic that most aren’t willing to do).

This will not only help you gain exposure but also build valuable backlinks to your own blog 😊.

4. Pinterest, The Underdog

how to start a blog and get followers

One platform that has been HIGHLY underrated is Pinterest. I call it the “Red-Headed Step Child” of social media! It’s not just a platform for saving recipes and DIY projects – it’s also a powerful search engine (similar to Google) that can easily drive traffic to your site. 

Create visually appealing graphics for your blog posts and share them on Pinterest with a link back to your website. Don’t forget to use relevant keywords and hashtags to maximize your reach.

People on Pinterest are on there searching and a large majority with an INTENT TO BUY! So make sure that your pins are captivating and your blog posts have QUALITY content in them. 

5. Monetize Your Blog

Okay, now that we are actually bringing people to our website, it’s time to start rolling in the dough πŸ€‘.

There are a couple of different ways you can monetize your blog, with affiliate marketing being one of the most popular and lucrative methods. 

The next step is to join affiliate programs related to your niche and promote products or services that relate to content on your site (I don’t recommend Amazon affiliates unless you want to make penny’s on the dollar 🀷)

Every time a reader clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. It’s the most passive form of making money online (in my opinion πŸ€”)

6. Optimize for Search Engines

How To Start A Blog And Get More Followers

Did someone say SEO? If you’re living under a rock and are unaware of what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization), it’s the process of searching for targeted and relevant keywords, optimizing your blog’s structure for Google, and building quality backlinks.

By incorporating up-to-date SEO best practices (what worked 10 years ago doesn’t work today), you HIGHLY increase your chances of ranking in search engine results. This translates to more organic traffic to your blog, which in turn translates to MORE MONEY HONEY!

7. Choose a Memorable Blog Name

Before you get your blog online, you need to come up with a memorable blog name. It should be catchy, easy to pronounce, and relevant to your niche. Your blog name is essentially your brand, so choose something that represents your personality and resonates with your target audience.

Once you’ve chosen the best name EVER, the next step is to make sure that no one else is actually using that domain name. The last step is to register it ASAP!

You don’t want someone else snagging it!

8. Build Your Blogging Network

Blogging is not just about creating content for yourself – it’s also about building a community for everyone around you.

Get out there and ACTUALLY connect with other bloggers in your niche. This way you can build REAL and mutually beneficial relationships with fellow bloggers.

Engage and comment on their blog posts, share their content on social, and even participate in “white hat” link exchanges πŸ˜‰

This is not only going to expand your reach, but it’s also going to create future guest posting opportunities and allow you to build real relationships.

9. Keep Your Blog Fresh with Regular Content

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to knowing how to start a blog and get followers successfully. If you want your readers to actually come back to your blog, you need to consistently provide them with QUALITY content!

Say it with me… QUALITY CONTENT!

Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it (seriously, use Google Calendar and PLAN YOUR DAY OUT!

Whether it’s once a week or three times a week, make sure you’re consistently publishing new blog posts (the more you pump out quality content, the more Google will like you).

This will not only make your audience crave more of your content but it’s also going to DRAMATICALLY improve your search engine rankings.


Q: How do I start a blog?

A: To start a blog, you need to first choose a blogging platform, such as WordPress or Blogger. Then, you’ll need to select a domain name and hosting provider. Once you have those set up, you can start designing your blog and writing your first post.

Q: How can I promote my blog?

A: Ah, promoting a blog is truly an art! One can showcase their posts on the bustling stage of social media channels, mingle with other blog aficionados in the same niche, use the magic wand of SEO to make your blog emerge from the depths of search engine obscurity, or even team up with fellow bloggers or influencers. Yes, the blogosphere is your oyster! 

Q: How do I get followers for my blog?

A: To summon a horde of loyal disciples for your blog, you must first serve up heaping helpings of stellar content that resonates with your desired readers. Pimp out your blog posts on the hip streets of social media, slide into inboxes with e-newsletters, and mosey on into guest blogging hangouts for a dash of authority. 

Q: Can I make money from my blog?

A: Yes, you can make money from your blog. There are so many ways to monetize your blog which include affiliate marketing (my personal favorite), ads on your site (pays out the least), or creating and selling your own digital product.

Q: How often should I publish a new blog post?

A: This really depends on your own personal goals and how much time you actually have. Some bloggers publish new content daily, while others publish once or twice a week. As I said before, consistency is the name of the game. Just make sure to create a REALISTIC schedule for YOU and consistently stick with it.

Q: How can I make my blog profitable?

 A: Want your blog to start payin’ the bills? Put your heart into crafting killer content that nabs and nails down viewers like it’s nobody’s business. Watch your followers grow and the moolah roll in as you cleverly cash in on savvy earning tactics like affiliate marketing or peddling your products and services.

Q: How do I choose a blog niche?

A: Trying to decide on a blog niche? Don’t just toss a dart at the board and try to see what sticks. Consider your passions, areas of expertise, and your targeted readers. Go for a niche that not only excites you but also leaves an opportunity to make real income. And don’t forget to snoop around – find out who else is playing in your “sandbox” so to speak.

Q: Should I use self-hosted WordPress for my blog?

A: This shouldn’t even be a debate! Using self-hosted WordPress allows for ABSOLUTE control and flexibility over your blog. This allows for more design freedom, it looks more professional, and you have a MUCH BETTER chance of ranking in search engines when you have your own self-hosted website. If you want to scale your blog, this is a no-brainer.

Q: How can I increase blog traffic?

A: The best way is to utilize up-to-date best practices with SEO (not what was done 10 years ago). Consistently posting on social media platforms like Pinterest (which actually promotes sending visitors to your website, unlike all the other ones.)

Q: How can I come up with blog content ideas?

A: The best way is to become an expert in SEO (don’t take shortcuts), because you want to be intentional about EVERY post you make. Additionally, utilize AI tools like Chat-GPT (its free hehe) to help you come up with keyword clusters). Look into Google Trends. These are just a few of the many ways you can come up with new content ideas!


Now you know how to start a blog and get followers THE RIGHT WAY!

Starting a blog is an exciting journey filled with moments of creativity, self-expression, and excitement. Do not be mistaken though, you will run into challenges as well! It’s all part of the journey. As the saying goes “For without pain, there can be no pleasure.”

So, if you’ve been contemplating whether you want to start a blog, an online business, or just create something for the heck of it, don’t hesitate any longer – dive right in and unleash your inner blogger!

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