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9 Best AI Business Ideas To Test in 2023: + AI Startup Ideas

The business potential of artificial intelligence for 2023 and emerging into 2024 is seriously mind-blowing.

As an AI geek, I’m constantly nerding out about the latest advancements and trends in this space.

I’ve already begun implementing automation into my business, with AI, of course, and I’m excited to share the various business trend ideas in which AI technology can be utilized to help speed up the creation of your new successful startup.

 In this can’t-miss blog post, I’ll dish on 9 of the juiciest AI business ideas entrepreneurs should strongly consider testing next year.

From building sassy AI chatbots to creating viral content, these super actionable insights will light up any reader looking to launch a totally rockin’ AI business or startup. 

The ideas on this list range from practical tools like simple AI math solvers to innovative AI voiceover generation that sounds just like a real-life human!

I’m pumped to give you the down low on artificial intelligence business ideas perfect for taking advantage of what brilliant AI algorithms and tech can uniquely offer your business.

Whether you’re an expert looking to launch a bodacious AI company or just want to infuse some artificial intelligence into your operations, this post shares the primo AI business ideas for standing out in 2023.


  • Learn 9 of the best AI business ideas to test in 2023
  • Get inspired by practical AI tools and innovative voice/content generation
  • Ideal for launching an AI business startup or incorporating AI into existing operations
  • Covers chatbots, SEO, math solvers, freelancing, cybersecurity, eLearning, finance and more
  • Created by an AI and business expert to share the latest AI trends and opportunities

What Are Some Of The Top Examples of AI Business Ideas in 2023?

The AI market landscape right now is changing VERY RAPIDLY!

For example, the days of spending hours writing emails, typing up content for your website, or summarizing meeting reports are ending.

Global revenues will blast past $500 billion by 2024 – can you even believe that?

As an entrepreneur, you obviously want in on this action.

But with so many options out there, figuring out the right AI biz idea for your goals can be trickier than a Rubik’s cube.

Well, buckle up, buttercup, because I will break down some seriously legit AI business ideas you should have on your radar for 2023.

One of the upsides of using artificial intelligence is it can pump up businesses in so many rad ways – you just have to tap into your creative juices!

Whether you want to automate repetitive grind, generate some sweet new revenue, or take your operations to the next level, integrating AI into your process is it can set you apart from the competition.

I’m talking next-level biz ideas that’ll have you going “oooooh” and “ahhhhh.”

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite examples of how you can use AI in business going into the new year!

These are tried and tested artificial intelligence applications that any forward-thinking entrepreneur should have on their list. Let’s get into it!

ChatGPT Screen shot

Source: OpenAI

1. Build An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Chatbots can do more than just pretend to be you online (I’m not sure why you’re having fake conversations with people, but I don’t judge).

Believe it or not, they are actually one of the most popular AI business ideas for entrepreneurs TODAY. 

These bad boys use artificial intelligence to automate conversations and interact with customers.

The helpful thing about chatbots is they can instantly improve the customer experience by providing 24/7 support without human employees getting involved.

And customers dig that kind of instant gratification!

With the help of AI, you can build a chatbot to handle common FAQs, order statuses, account inquiries, and more.

This can majorly reduce labor costs for a small business like yours.

The best part is creating a chatbot is super doable, even if you’re not a coder! There are many easy drag-and-drop tools out there to build AI chatbots for just about any industry.

So, if you’re looking to leverage AI to start a business that provides instant and personalized support, a chatbot is a solid choice!

Your customers will thank you and probably won’t even know if it’s a human or robot since AI and machine learning are becoming so advanced now.

2. Create AI Tools

The AI-based business landscape is evolving rapidly thanks to the sheer power of artificial intelligence. As a business owner, you MUST leverage the latest AI tools if you want to keep up!

Let’s put it this way: IF YOU DON’T start harnessing the power of AI, YOU WILL get left behind!

Besides, creating your own specialized artificial intelligence tools can help improve efficiency and output for your company.

We’re talking next-gen stuff like using AI to analyze sales data, predict customer churn, automate accounting, optimize supply chains…the possibilities are endless!

There’s an upside to building AI tools: you can tailor them precisely to your business needs.

Rather than relying on some generic off-the-shelf software, you can create AI-powered solutions that give your company a real competitive edge.

Of course, you’ll need the right data science talent to develop these tools in-house.

But the investment is well worth it for business owners who want to cut costs and modernize operations through the power of artificial intelligence.

So sharpen those AI skills and start building!

3. Use Artificial Intelligence to Solve Math Problems

As someone who struggled with math (well, at least with calculus), know that an AI app can pretty much do the work for you and provides so MANY opportunities.

Hear me out – AI algorithms can analyze super complex equations and data sets way faster than any human. I’m talking next-level stuff. The business potential is massive, considering how many people struggle with math homework and complex calculations.

You could build a bodacious AI tutoring app that breaks down math step-by-step for confused students.

Or create rad AI-powered tools that crunch numbers and find patterns for industries like finance and engineering. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

The reality is math gives so many people the heebie jeebies.

Also, I feel like schools are constantly changing how math is “supposed to be done.” My son constantly corrects me.

With the help of AI, algorithms can deliver human-level results and explanations, allowing my kiddo’s teachers to get off my back.

This is a kickass opportunity to help people in 2023 and beyond by starting a business that uses AI to make math less intimidating.

AI to the rescue!

Jasper AI

Source: Jasper.AI

4. Create Blog Posts

Let’s be real – content creation is tough work. However, it’s the only way to get your content found online, so what choice do you really have? 

Why not leverage artificial intelligence to make your blogging life easier?

You can auto-generate blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and more with AI writing tools.

This allows you to pump out loads of creative content to help engage your audience without the grind of writing everything yourself.

The best part is that AI-generated content is getting downright impressive these days.

You can craft blog posts that sound natural while packing in relevant keywords.

Don’t get me wrong; some tools sound like the Terminator tried writing the content himself.

Creating blog content is one of the most lucrative AI business ideas out there. Whether you sell AI writing services or use it internally, this technology can take your content marketing to the next level.

Put that AI writing tool to work!

Well-crafted blogs will increase traffic, attract potential leads, and help your business flourish. 

It’s kind of a no-brainer.

SEO Services

5. Combine AI With SEO Services

Listen up, all my SEO nerds (I’m also referring to myself)!

I know we’re all trying to rank #1 on Google over here. And in 2023, combining AI with SEO services is an absolute must.

Here’s the deal – AI tools can analyze website traffic, research keywords, generate tagged content, and optimize technical SEO faster than we humans can blink. I’m talking next-level workflow automation so you can focus on strategy and creativity. Pretty sweet, right?

The reason AI and SEO make such a dream team is that SEO is super data-driven.

Those intelligent AI algorithms can spot optimization opportunities that we’d never catch on our own. 

I know SEO consultants and agencies spend excessive time on tedious technical work.

But with AI, we can turn those basic tasks into efficient, automated workflows. 

So, if you’re an SEO pro looking to level up in 2023, combining your skills with AI software is an absolute necessity. 

We bring the expertise, and AI brings the productivity boost. Together, we can fully dominate those search rankings!

6. Freelance Services

If you’ve been thinking about how to start an AI business this year, offering freelance services is an idea to strongly consider.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing what we can accomplish as solo entrepreneurs.

There are so many ways to incorporate AI into your freelance business that can really help you stand apart from your competition.

You could offer AI writing and content services, virtual assistants powered by chatbots, AI logos, image generation, and personalized product recommendations using machine learning…the options are endless!

The best part about freelancing is you can build your services around your unique talents and interests while having the productivity of an agency.

Adding in AI tools makes you 100x more efficient at delivering results. 

It’s a match made in heaven!

Rather than doing it all yourself, let AI handle the repetitive work so you can focus on the parts only a human can do.

This creative/tech combo will impress clients and help your freelance business thrive.

Skyrocket productivity in 2023 by harnessing artificial intelligence as the ultimate freelancing sidekick!

7. AI Content Detection Services

Writers, listen up! I know we’re all trying to create kickass content without accidentally copying someone else’s hard work or making it look like a robot wrote it.

Let’s be honest here for a second. With the current state of AI, it’s becoming harder and harder to tell if a human or robot wrote it. 

Regardless, it’s still best practice to create human-written content. 

With the latest Google algorithm update, it’s become clear that they don’t want ALL OF YOUR CONTENT to be written by artificial intelligence.

Offering AI content detection as a service is a brilliant SaaS idea. Writers, publishers, and content marketers would eat this up!

Rather than manually running plagiarism checks, AI can instantly scan any document to identify unoriginal, stolen, or AI-written content.

This gives creators peace of mind that their work is 100% original and was written by a real-life human (or at least looks like it was).

Your AI algorithm can also suggest rephrasing for any plagiarized sections so the writer can quickly fix them.

This automation is way faster than them trying to rewrite from scratch.

With this AI superpower, you can help writers and brands across all industries publish great content without plagiarism.

8. AI Voiceovers

We’ve entered an era where we can LITERALLY have Morgan Freeman do a complete voice-over for our company (without having to actually to pay him), all thanks to tools being powered by AI.

Generating voiceovers used to be a headache, but AI-powered tools can analyze transcripts and synthesize amazingly realistic human speech.

Currently, this is one of my favorite AI SaaS ideas out there right now.

Imagine being able to add professional voice narration (like the one I mentioned above) to your videos, ads, and presentations in seconds.

You just input the transcript, select a voice actor, and boom – the AI can analyze the data to immediately create the perfect voiceover.

This not only saves you a ton of time and money but opens the door to SO MANY creative ideas.

You can test out different voices and deliver finished products faster for clients.

The quality of AI voice generation keeps improving, too.

We’re talking seamless, natural narration that viewers would mistake for a real person. It really is mind-blowing!

There’s an insane demand right now for AI voiceover services among YouTubers, marketers, eLearning platforms, and more.

9. eCommerce Store

Online sellers, let’s chat about amping up our eCommerce stores with AI!

We all know running an online business comes with a million moving parts. However, AI can help with so many tedious tasks that would take HOURS!

For starters, AI can analyze past sales data to forecast demand.

This allows you to adjust inventory and avoid over/understocking your products.

AI can also create product descriptions, tags, and image captions to make items more discoverable and take away the burden of having to write them yourself or expend extra cash flow on a content writer.

Save money and time, you say, sign me up!

Also, with generative AI, you can customize product recommendations for each shopper’s unique interests. 

Chatbots provide instant customer support while freeing your time for more strategic work. And AI supply chain automation can help cut overhead costs.

Basically, AI gives eCommerce stores a high-tech advantage in a competitive industry. So, harness its potential to streamline operations and boost your sales! 

Your business will thank you, your welcome!

What Are The Most Popular AI Startup Ideas?

Startup founders, let’s spitball some killer AI business ideas for your next big venture!

When it comes to AI startups, there are so many directions you could take things.

But some ideas are blowing up based on their potential impact and ability to generate cold, hard cash.

In this section, I’ll cover some AI ideas you can use for your next startup that are hitting it big lately. 

AI can spark innovative solutions, whether you want to shake up an industry or solve a common problem. 

From nifty content creation tools to next-gen cyber security, emerging technologies provide tremendous opportunities if you catch the wave at the right time!

Obviously, any startup is a rollercoaster ride.

But by building your business around artificial intelligence, you give yourself a solid edge when done right.

I’m talking about practical products that make life easier combined with futuristic tech that gets people excited about the future!

Let’s explore some of the most promising AI startup ideas to spark your next brilliant unicorn concept! The world needs your genius.

Content Creation

Startup founders, let’s get real – content creation is a beast!

With all the Google Algorithmic changes, pumping out massive amounts of content is a must.

I remember when it would take me DAYS to create content. I nearly cringed when I knew I had to pump out a 2,000 + word article. 

This is no longer an issue today.

This is because AI is changing the game!

There are significant opportunities to consider in 2023 that can disrupt the space by building new content-generation technologies.

Rather than pulling out your hair and trying to churn out blogs, social posts, and other marketing stuff, you could use AI to automate much of that work.

This lets us humans focus on the more creative aspects we’re best at.

Huge time saver!

I’m talking next-gen AI to provide written drafts, design graphics, and generate videos – the sky is the limit! 

Of course, you still need humans for that thoughtful oversight to make truly kickass content; not everything can be written by robots (at least not yet).

But AI gives a phenomenal productivity boost to streamline the process.

The demand is clearly there for AI that takes the friction out of content creation while maintaining quality.

Startups who nail this balance with user-friendly platforms will be game changers!

There’s still lots of room for innovation when it comes to the use of AI and content.

It’s time to launch some next-level ideas that get creatives pumped!

Marketing Tools 

One of the top AI startup ideas to consider in 2023 is building next-gen marketing tools powered by artificial intelligence.

There is so much potential here to improve business efficiency for brands of all sizes.

Just think – AI can help create targeted ads and landing pages, analyze campaign performance, predict customer lifetime value, send automated emails, and more!

Rather than marketing randomly, data-driven AI allows for super personalized outreach.

Of course, you still need creative human strategy to connect with audiences emotionally.

But with AI handling the heavy data lifting, marketers can focus on the fun stuff. This frees them up to develop innovative campaigns that drive actual results.

Any startup that helps marketers tap the power of AI for tasks like predictive analytics is primed for success.

There is a massive demand for marketing technology that improves personalization and ROI.

It’s time to help brands succeed in 2023 with the magic combo of artificial intelligence and human creativity!

Cyber Security Using AI

My fellow entrepreneurs, let’s switch gears for a second and talk about something that isn’t quite as sexy: cybersecurity.

Right now, it’s one of the most crucial applications of AI for any business or startup.

The reality is hackers are getting more advanced every day, so we need next-gen solutions to protect our data and systems.

This is where artificial intelligence comes in! AI-powered cybersecurity tools have huge potential to outsmart malicious attacks through real-time pattern detection and predictive analytics. Pretty futuristic sounding, right?

By leveraging machine learning algorithms, security platforms can actually anticipate threats and adapt defenses before damage occurs. This 24/7 monitoring capability surpasses what humans alone can do.

Startups that tap into AI to revolutionize cybersecurity would not only fill a significant market need – they’d be heroes! There is so much room in 2023 for innovative projects that integrate AI for more intelligent, proactive cyber defenses. Data security impacts us all, so let’s unleash some game-changing ideas!

Financial Advising

My fellow financial tech founders, let’s chat about the massive potential for AI in financial advising

With the ongoing advancements in AI-based business ideas, there are super exciting opportunities to bring personalized robo-advisors mainstream.

Now, I know many people still prefer working with a human advisor – and I get it, that personal touch is critical. 

But AI tools can also deliver customized guidance at scale for investors.

By leveraging AI algorithms, startups can build incredible platforms that tailor financial plans to each user’s goals.

A significant advantage of AI is its ability to constantly improve recommendations using data on market shifts, trends, etc.

This next-gen personalization and automation can truly empower regular people to gain financial literacy and grow their money.

While this may be a hard pill to swallow for all the old-school financial advisors, it opens new doors for those willing to take advantage of the current state of AI.

AI-Driven Coding

One VERY lucrative AI-based business idea that is currently trending is developing artificial intelligence-based coding platforms.

With the rate at which technology continues advancing, programmers need help keeping up with demand. 

This is where artificial intelligence comes in!

AI coding assistants have huge potential to boost programmer productivity by autogenerating code templates and snippets based on simple prompts.

Rather than typing everything from scratch, developers could use AI to handle repetitive parts of projects.

AI may even one day write complete programs with minimal human input!

Of course, experienced oversight is still essential for catching bugs and optimizing performance.

However, AI could allow coders to focus their energy on complex logical challenges.

By creating user-friendly artificial intelligence coding platforms, startups could revolutionize AI workflow automation for programmers. 

The tech community is hungry for next-gen assistance to keep up with our digital world.

It’s as I’ve said before: adapt or die.

Why Should You Start an Artificial Intelligence Business in Today’s AI Market?

With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, there is NO BETTER TIME to launch an AI-powered business.

There are so many benefits of AI that anyone considering starting a business without it would be potentially dooming their own success.

For one, AI allows businesses to automate time-consuming tasks, freeing up so much time and eroding away dull and tedious tasks.

Here’s the thing: ALL OF THE OTHER BUSINESSES are incorporating artificial intelligence into their business, so why would you consider doing it differently?

From virtual assistants to predictive analytics, AI unlocks game-changing tools for startups and enterprises. 

And as algorithms and computing power improve, so will AI’s capabilities. First movers who build their business model around AI can now achieve a lasting edge.

In 2023 and beyond, companies combining human creativity with artificial intelligence will thrive.

Final Thoughts On Profitable AI Business Ideas

Technology is advancing every day, and artificial intelligence will only continue to become smarter.

Businesses are not about to stop utilizing technology that allows them to increase their profits and maximize their workflows.

If you’re going to start a successful business, you might as well create an AI business to keep up and surpass your competition.

It’s a new, brave world we are currently living in. 

The rate at which everything is changing isn’t going to slow down suddenly.

So jump at these new and exciting opportunities our parent’s generation never had the opportunity to experience.

Happy business hunting


The AI market is booming and has the potential to revolutionize a myriad of business processes. With the state of AI as it is, there are many AI business ideas for 2023 that entrepreneurs should consider. Two of the best ones are AI video generation tools and AI personal shopper services. These platforms use AI algorithms to analyze customer data and preferences, providing a personalized service.

Absolutely! Generative AI is one of the best AI concepts revolutionizing the business landscape. It brings to the table the potential for businesses to create unique, personalized content for their customers. Imagine, for instance, an AI startup that leverages AI to create personalized music or paintings based on individual customer preferences.

Launching your AI business can be as exciting as it’s challenging. Understanding the business and startup environment is the first step. The AI market is ripe with opportunities for innovative AI business ideas, and with the right plan, you can make your business flourish and become famous. Start by understanding the AI-based services or products you can offer, understand your market, and get the necessary capital and expertise.

AI has great potential to boost business efficiency. For instance, AI workflow automation can streamline business processes by taking over repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, and freeing up your time for more strategic, revenue-generating activities. Now, that’s a business and efficiency the AI way!

Oh 2023, here we come! AI video generation tools are poised to be one of the next big things. These tools use AI to analyze data and generate creative, personalized video content for businesses. It’s quite a sight to see AI at work in the media sector.

Sure, let’s do some future-gazing! One idea to start in 2023 could be an AI personal shopper. Just imagine, an AI-based service that understands individual fashion sense and personal style, then scours the web to find perfect outfits. Another could be an AI butler – acting as a personal assistant for booking services, managing schedules, and so much more. Exciting times ahead!

The potential of AI to transform the business landscape in 2023 is limitless. AI has the potential to revolutionize customer service, marketing, medical diagnostics, and even how we work! From AI algorithms for more accurate weather predictions to AI bots for round-the-clock customer service, we’re definitely set to see AI in 2023 top its wow game!

Well, understanding the current state of the AI market, potential sectors for disruption, and your personal skills and interests is a great place to begin. With AI, there’s plenty to choose from: health tech, finance, marketing, ecommerce, dating… the world is your AI oyster! Strategic plan + passionate execution = your big AI business idea taking flight in 2023.

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