Welcome to screw the daily grind. My name is Brian Kiselstein, the creator of this beautiful site you see before you.

I’ve created this as a bloggers primary resource for getting started with their entrepreneurial journey.

Like many of you, my blogging journey started out with several mistakes, bumps in the road, money wasted on useless investments, and of course, an intense ride on the emotional roller coaster to success. 

Through my many mistakes, I’ve persevered and continued to follow along my path to achieve financial independence like many of you might be craving today. 

The days of clocking in, having my work overseen, and catering to someone else’s schedule has become a foreign concept to me.

While at the moment, I’m only half way towards achieving my dream, I am still an encyclopedia book of knowledge on what to do, and most importantly, WHAT NOT TO DO!

I still remember registering the domain for my first website back in October of 2017, thinkhealthyfitness.com.

I had NO CLUE how to design a website, drive traffic, or blog to save my life. I knew I wanted to monetize my site to make money, but was pretty much clueless as to how.

I tried listening to podcasts, Youtube videos, and even a few audible books. All of it was pretty much a complete waste of time. 

It wasn’t until I discovered a couple on Youtube that I was actually able to relate to (one of the two happened to be a personal trainer just like me) that I starting seeing things move in the right direction. 

I didn’t waste any more time, I invested my money into their courses because I wanted to treat my blog like a business. 

I knew that If I wanted to see that passive income stream dream, I couldn’t cheap my way out of it.

People often has this misconception that if you create some words and put it on the internet, people are going to magically arrive at your website. 

This is about as far from the truth as is gets.

You need to learn how to write, email, drive traffic from multiple social media channels (eventually), understand SEO, and the list goes on…

This was a bit of a rude awakening for me, as I thought I could invest a couple hours here and there when I had time. 

I just assumed I would eventually have success. well, it didn’t turn out that way.

During the time period of me starting up my online fitness blog, my girlfriend at the time was living with me.

She didn’t quite grasp why I wanted to work for myself and have a successful online business. She was perfectly content with the “daily grind.”

I however, was tired of being supervised by boss’es who quite frankly, really weren’t as smart as me. I felt trapped.

To make matters even worse, I was alone on this journey. 

I took all of the free time I had (when I wasn’t working full-time or being a dad), and put it directly into that blog. 

The relationship quickly faded after that, as this online journey consumed all of my free time. 

It wasn’t until I created my weight loss course and failed to see it have any traction that I desperately needed more help. 

Fast forward a few months…

I started a new job as an SEO analyst, invested in a blogging coach, and outsourced help for consistent social media traffic…

FINALLY, I began seeing money start trickling in. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn what worked best for my business overnight, it took years of struggling. 

I kept moving forward regardless, hence why I decided to attain a job in SEO, to learn even more. 

If you need tips and tricks on how to get started the right way with blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media traffic from Pinterest…

This is the best resource for you!